EM designs things others can see and understand. No special effects, no nonsense — only the sum of many decisions involving all the details in the eddy that surround the center of your matter.


develop / branding and positioning
sharpen / communication and perception
move / projects ahead


creative studio run by Lisa Böhm
located in east Berlin

love co-creation

It’s neither fun nor valuable to do everything on your own. More than 10 years of event production, content development and camera operation has made clear that creation means collaboration. Each client is a co-creator in the design process along with these super professional badasses:

Anne Kodura / director, screenwriter

Anne Luft / art direction, motion & screen design

Arsy Eins / musician, dj, music producer

Brix Agentur / event direction, culture- & stage management

Christine Pilkenrodt / illustration, art direction

Christoph Garbriel / programming

ereignisschmiede / event development, concept & realisation

Eric Windel / wood works

Felix Grossmann / data scientist

Jana Barthel / visual artist, stage & costume design

Jette Artz / illustration

JUST medientechnik / video engineering, production

Michael Klaus / photographer

Moritz Degen / 2D & 3D, music production aka master of sound

RedtHound / technical conception & relisation

Sara Lehn / sound, radio

Stefan Ritter / best boy

Timo Brockmann / stage direction, show production

Tino Knoche / prop rental & decoration

thundy86 / audiovisual artist, photographer

Yardenne Sibony / script and content editor

Yves Jates / motion & graphic design, art direction